Daibutsu, Kamakura

Daibutsu, Kamakura
Daibutsu in Kamakura, June 2010. There were thousands of school kids visiting that day. It was still great fun.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Japan Web Links

Comprehensive Sites on Japan

Schauwecker's Japan Guide - Over 200 Japan Pages
Stockton's Japan Links - Great compilation
Open Directory Project - Japan
Stanford University Japan Links
Griffith University Japan Links
Web Japan
Japan Hot Spots
Sunsite Japan Info

Links on Life In Japan

How Much is That in Japan?
Roger & Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo
Luis Poza's Japan Guide
The Japanese Window
The Japan Biker F.A.Q.
United for a Multicultural Japan
Dining Out In Tokyo
ISP Japan FAQ -- Compare options and companies
Townpage Useful Phone Numbers
Procedures on Registration of Marriage to a Japanese National

Links on Working in Japan

A-Kaiwa.net - Free student searching service
EFL Job Information Journal
Ohayo Sensei EFL job-hunting BBS
Guide To Jobs In Japan Useful Info on Job Hunting
The NOVA Union For Staff and Teachers
Work in Japan
So You Want To Be A Hostess?

Links on Cheaper Japanese Accommodations

Kurumi Weekly Mansion
Japan Hotel Network
Toyoko Inn - Discount chain across Japan
Yadokari -- Cheaper hotel list (Japanese)
Hostels in Japan
Japan Hospitality Public Youth Hostel Group
Super Hotel - Nationwide single rooms at 4800 yen (in Japanese).
Economy Hotel New Koyo Tokyo - Cheapest Tokyo hotel
Sakura Hotel - singles, dorms, doubles, with breakfast
Yadoya Guesthouse - 3 dorm-type houses near Nakano Stn, Tokyo.
Shrek-Watta House - NW Tokyo guest house with weekly/monthly discounts
Hotel Juyoh (Tokyo)
Tatami Guesthouse
Yoshida House - Daily & monthly rates, in Nerima-ku
Ryokan Kangetsu (Tokyo)
Ryokan Toki (Tokyo)
Sakura Ryokan (Tokyo)
Hotel New Azuma Taito-ku, Tokyo. Singles from 2900 yen
Capsule Hotel Akabane - For men only, from 3000 yen, in Kita-ku
Tokyo International Youth Hostel
E-Ryokan Nationwide list of Japanese inns
Bookings Modest to 5 star hotels scross Japan
Fuji-Hakone Guest House B&B B&B near Mt. Fuji
Ryokan Reservation Service -- Reserve a cheaper room thru the net (Kansai region only)
Uno House - Inexpensive guest house in Kyoto
Green Peace - Cheap dorm/rooms in Kyoto. 3 night minimum stay
Tour Club -- Cheap dorm in Kyoto with daily & weekly rates.
Tojian Guest House - Cheap Kyoto dorm & private rooms
Palace Side Hotel - Inexpensive downtown Kyoto hotel. Long term discounts too
Budget Inn Kyoto
J-Hoppers - Backpacker's hostel near Kyoto Stn. with net access
Hotel Taiyo - Located in Nishinari-ku, Osaka
Kyoto Craftman Guest House
Hotel Seiryu - Budget hotel in Higashi-Osaka City
U-Comunity Hotel - Higashi-Osaka City - Rooms from 6750 yen
Japan National Tourist Organization--Accomodations Page
International Tourism Center of Japan - Nationwide list of moderately priced accommodations
Tiglion Travel - Japan Hotel Special Rates
Japan Youth Hostels
Japan Hospitality Hostels - 9 hostels across Japan
Taito Ryokan 7 room Tokyo inn with 2-4 people rooms.
Japanese Inn Group
Japan Quick Easy Hotel Plan
My Trip Hotel Reservations
Japanese Guest Houses -- Traditional Japanese inns
Weekly Mansion Tokyo - Budget weekly stays in Kanto, Osaka & Sapporo (in Japanese)

Links on Japanese Long Term Accommodations

Move & Stay Serviced apartments/apartment-hotels/offices in Asia & Australia
J&F Networks - Agents who'll rent to you without a hassle
Sakura House -- Tokyo gaijin houses, private apartments, & hotel.
Oak House - Tokyo
Housing Guide for International Students in Japan
Tokyo Apartment Co.
U&I House - Tokyo guest house & apt.
Nichio Koyu Kikaku - Guest house, gaijin house, and private apt.
Borderless Tokyo Several house sharing accommodations in Tokyo
Apple House - 8 houses in Tokyo
Bamboo House 6 houses in Tokyo & Chiba
Friendship House -- List of a few Tokyo gaijin houses
Green Forest Six Tokyo houses
Guest House Hanata House near Kita-Koshigaya, Tokyo
Imagining - Guest/Gaijin House in Yokohama
Gaijin Houses - With optional cultural classes
Orange House & Banana House - Two Osaka Houses
Osaka English House
Happy Habitat Apt. & Guest Houses in Kyoto
Yamate Homes -- Tokyo homes for sale/rent
At Home -- Find an apt. thru the net (in Japanese only)
Home and apartment rentals across Japan
Ken Corp. -- Monthly home rentals in Tokyo at 500,000 yen and up

Links On Getting Around

Kansai International Airport
Tokyo International (Narita) Airport Page
The Narita Layover Page
Tokyo Subway Map
Other Major City Subway Maps
Japan Rail Pass Info
More Japan Rail Pass Info
Nightbus Cheap overnight buses between Tokyo & Kansai
Kansai Thru Pass - Allows 2-3 days pass on Kansai transportation
Townpage Route Search - JR Travel Navigator - Train fares, routes, & transfers
JR Railways Info on Japan train info, fares, timetables, etc.
Japan Railways Page
JNTO Travel Train routes, fares, timetables, and air routes.
Hyperdia Rail Schedule and Fares
Ferry & Hydrofoil Info

Maps of Japan

Map of Japan
Map of Kanto area
Map of Tokyo
University of Texas Japan Maps - Political & regional maps
Map of Mt. Fuji area
Map of Hakone area
Map of Fukuoka City area
SunSite Japan Maps

Japanese News & Media

AJR Newslink - All the English language newspapers in Japan
Jisho.org - Excellent website Kanji/Japanese word dictionary, plus other language software.
Rikai.com - A *superb* website kanji translation tool.
Live Radio and Television From Japan
The Foreigner Japan
Streaming Radio & TV Real time Japanese broadcasts

Other Good Sites

Vibe Tokyo - Meet Japanese Friends
2000 Live Radio Stations from the US Live net broadcasts
Kimi Information Center
Gaijin A Go-Go -- See your favorite Hollywood stars in Japanese TV ads!
The Japanese Page - Japanese learning site
Dave's ESL Cafe
Tokyo Pregnancy Group -- Info for expectant and new mothers
The Japan Page - Books & features from Kodansha
Photo Japan/Stock Photography
Tokyo Toilet Map
Asiaco.com Search engine on Asian websites.


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  2. Thank you Izumi. I hope you had a good holidays.

  3. https://www.gigajob.com/ja-JP/ is also a good job site in Japan