Daibutsu, Kamakura

Daibutsu, Kamakura
Daibutsu in Kamakura, June 2010. There were thousands of school kids visiting that day. It was still great fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crazy Utsunomiya Man

Here are some pictures from a family relative who lives in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. He is a really funny guy. He likes to be called Walt. I like to call him Crazy Utsunomiya Man.

A park in Utsunomiya.

Here is Crazy Utsunomiya Man at a park in Utsunomiya.

Here's Crazy Utsunomiya Man enjoying some fine Utsunomiya water.

Here is Crazy Utsunomiya Man fishing at a local park. I wonder if he caught anything?

Here is Crazy Utsunomiya Man's house. I wonder if he rides that scooter. If he does and you are ever in Utsunomiya, better watch out when you are on the street.

Here is Crazy Utsunomiya Man's house in the summer-time.

Here is his house in winter-time.

Crazy Utsunomiya Man is very entertaining and I always enjoy visiting him when I visit Japan.


  1. So...
    Why does he like to be called "crazy"?

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Thanks for the warning- when I'm in Utsunomiya I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled!

  3. @contamination
    That's just the nickname I gave him. I don't actually call him that. He is just a really funny, goofy, crazy guy.

    That's a good idea.

  4. Ha! I never met the fellow, and have been to Utsunomiya a couple times. My wife has relatives there, and I love the atmosphere. The Oyaji Temple is pretty cool too in that it has Buddhist imagery carved into the limestone caves.

    Here of course "oyaji" =/= oyaji as in "old man".

  5. Yes, I've heard of Oyaji Temple. I did not know that meant "old man".

    Walt of Crazy Utsunomiya Man lived in the US for 10 or 2 years many years ago as an aerospace engineer so he knows a decent amount of English. I don't know any Japanese so it is always interesting to talk to him. He enjoys his sake and beer.

  6. I love old eccentric guys like that.
    His fishing hat is cool. I want one of those!

  7. I will ask where he got the hat the next time I see him.