Daibutsu, Kamakura

Daibutsu, Kamakura
Daibutsu in Kamakura, June 2010. There were thousands of school kids visiting that day. It was still great fun.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

About Nikko

My favorite place to visit in Japan is Nikko. It is one of the places I recommend every who visits Japan should try and get to.

My favorite part of Nikko are the Temples and Shrines. The most famous is the Toshogu Shrine (hence my blog web address). The Toshogu Shrine was built in 1617 as the mausoleum of the Tokugawa Ieyasu. Ieyasu was the most important Shogun of Japanese history as he was the first Shogun to completely unify the country. The Tokugawa family reigned for over 250 years, longer than the age of the United States.

The main shrine buildings were built by the third shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1636. The Yomeimon, probably the most famous work of architecture in Nikko, was built in 1636. It is the most elaborately decorated of the shrine buildings of Toshogu. The workmanship is amazing as witnessed in the decorative carvings and other designs.


  1. Yes, Nikko is a great place to visit. my favorite part is the little traditional garden near the entrance to the shrine. Its really very nice.

    Like so much of Tochigi you can go there 4 times and see it as if for the first time because it varies a lot with the seasons.

    To avoid crowds go on a weekday. We like to go early and leave early. The foot traffic in the shrine and city can be quite heavy as can the road traffic on the way there.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, Nikko is best to visit on a weekday and not on a holiday to avoid the crowds. However, I do recommend people visit during the 1000 Samurai Parade and festival at the Toshogu Shrines. It is alot of fun and the horseback riding archers are great. The main festival is around the end of May.